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GiVV2 is a next generation loyalty platform that enables business in a few simple steps to instantly reward or incentivise employees and customers with Digital eGift Cards.

With a few clicks you can:

  1. Select a Digital eGift Card(s) from a range including most major Australian retailers or enable the recipient to choose themselves using an Xchange eGift Card
  2. Send and instantly distribute from a single to 1000’s of recipients.
  3. eGift Card is received and able to be used by recipient within minutes
How can I start sending eGift Cards?

You can be up and running quickly and easily by signing up to the platform online, funding your account and you can then be creating and sending eGift Cards in a few simple clicks or save to be sent later

How do I sign up for a GiVV2 Account?

Simply go to http://business.givv2.com/users/sign_up , answer a few simple questions about your company/organisation and click Sign Up. Please allow up to 2 working days for GiVV2 to check your account and approve your initial payment. We can expediate this is If you have a need to deliver eGifts Cards urgently, please contact us.

What are the payment options?
Currently at this stage you can request funds to be added in the portal and an invoice will automatically be generated and sent for payment. Once paid you will receive confirmation and be able to start sending eGift Cards
We plan to add the ability for credit card payments shortly
How do I send eGift Cards?
Sending eGift Cards no matter if your sending to one person or many is a simple two step process. You need to first have sufficient funds in your account to cover the value of the eGift Cards to send.
1. Select the eGift Card Retailer you would like to send or if you would like the person receiving the be able to choose the eGift Card then select the GiVV2 Xchange eGift Card
2. Add the email addresses of who you want to send the eGift Cards too or upload a bulk list of email addresses.
3. Send and they will be instantly emailed out or select save to send at a later date.
How are eGifts Cards delivered?
Your eGifts will be delivered by email as soon as you press Send. Each recipient will be able to open their eGift Card on almost any device or platform as long as they have email and internet access.
The GiVV2 platform is compatible with almost all desktop or laptop computers running a modern web browser, and all recent smartphones and tablets.
How does the Xchange eGift Card work?
We firmly believe that eGift Card recipients would consider it more valuable and prefer to choose the eGift Card themselves. That's why we provide the option to send an eGift Xchange Card that allows the recipient to select where and how they spend & redeem their gift.
What about Tracking and Reporting?
Comprehensive reporting is available in the GiVV2 portal that enables you to track the status of your account, which eGift Cards have been sent, received and opened.
You can also resend eGift Cards from the portal
How does the receiver use the eGift Card?
The receiver can redeem their eGift Card almost immediately, with just a few clicks. There is no registration required, and no apps to install. It's extremely simple and convenient.
Do eGiVV eGifts Cards expire?
Each eGift is valid for up to 36 months (3 years) and is set by each retailer.
Do you also sell plastic gift cards and EFTPOS cards?
Yes GiVV2 is a full service Gift Card provider and pls contact us to discuss your requirements.
How much does it cost to use GiVV2?
GiVV2 has a simple pricing model that enable you to pay a relatively small annual fee and there is no other costs to send eGift Cards other than the face value of the card. We also have a no annual fee option and a flat small fee per card sent.
Pls contact sales to discuss which option is best for you based on your needs